The Largest Gamified Simulation Engine of Human Experience on the Planet

You are the world

Live a billion lives in about 200 real countries

Live a life in a different country
Face what comes your way

It’s just a single human life - one life among billions

See how lives are shaped by culture, geographical location, and chance events

Face real life challenges in RealLives

Experience life with interactive role-play

Life doesn’t always give you equal opportunities

Learn about different cultures, political & economic systems

Experience how even the most fortunate are trapped by circumstances

Walk a few miles in someone else’s shoes

You too can be that child

Guide your character through a life of
tribulations, events & choices

Live a character, the one who does not have control on starting position in life

Fight to overcome the disparities of life

Enjoy the randomness of being born
in any country and any culture

Life rarely begins with equal opportunities

Design any character that you wish to be

Best way to learn about life in other countries
short of going there!

Take a chance on living a random life on earth

Experience and live the life of

A peasant farmer in Bangladesh, A factory worker in Brazil, A policeman in Nigeria, A lawyer in the United States, A computer operator in Poland
and of millions of human beings across the world...

Live and experience a trillion human life stories

In the real world not everything is possible for every one

An eye opener on how life is lived in various cultures

One’s abilities and choices are contingent upon one’s context

Jump into a life
face whatever comes your way

Surprisingly informative and enlightening

Informative time-sink

Experience how the millions of unfortunate are trapped by circumstances

Some one at some point has probably led a life similar to the one you are playing

Face factors beyond your control

You are the world

The Largest Gamified Simulation Engine of Human Experience on the Planet