Introducing the Family License of RealLives!

Many of our well-wishers have felt that RealLives needed to be experienced by families, because in the simulation, the game-play also includes a virtual family that the player is born into. Often the family from RealLives is not very privileged, and is able to afford only limited privileges, if any. It is within this familial context that one is born digitally, grows up and lives the simulated life. One also can begin build one’s own family, just like one does in real world, regardless of the limitations of one’s resources.

At the same time one also experiences global challenges like climate change, disparity, helplessness and feeling caged with the circumstances or a family which is extremely poor etc and goes through many life-events, as per the game-play. Through this simulated holistic experience of life and the world, one learns about the nuances of life, and about how the family and world are related.

Sharing this simulated experience can enrich families who play RealLives, and bring a higher empathy and understanding to the family bond.

We hope you enjoy the RealLives Family License, and that the experience brings you the happiness of togetherness that all families deserve!